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The Funding Guide for your Digital Divide Solutions

Defeating the Digital Divide can be complex and challenging for schools, but it does not have to be a financial burden. While acquiring funding for a solution may seem daunting, there are several opportunities for districts to identify their needs and find funding to accommodate them. Most schools already spend a significant amount of money … Continued

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3 Reliable Solutions to Defeat the Digital Divide in your School district

School districts working to Defeat the Digital Divide for their students have a handful of reliable solutions to choose from. Determining the best fit for their needs depends on a variety of factors, from the number of students needing coverage to the size and scope of existing cellular networks. Because these solutions can work in … Continued

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How to Determine the Best Digital Divide Solution for Your School District

While countless school districts across the country share the same goal of providing reliable internet access for all students outside of school, each one has its own unique needs, differences, and challenges to overcome in order to achieve that objective. To determine the best solution for their district and to Defeat the Digital Divide, administrators … Continued

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Defeat the Digital Divide Helps Bring Reliable Internet Connections to Schools Nationwide

A new website launched by a collaboration of leading technology experts, STEP CG and Cradlepoint, is providing information and educational resources to help K-12 schools ensure their students have access to the technology they need to succeed. Defeat the Digital Divide offers school districts engaging learning tools to build solutions that will enable them to … Continued

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