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How do we close the gap between those who have access to technology - and those who do not? We start with asking ourselves the harder questions - we have surveyed thousands of experts and educators to develop a playbook anyone can make a difference.

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  • Q.Where should I start?

    Download our Digital Divide Checklist or use our interactive tool, Readiness Assessment, which guides you through a series of questions you need to answer before seeking funding or selecting a solution.

  • Q.What is the best solution?

    The first step in choosing a solution to bring secure and reliable connectivity to students outside of class is to understand where the gaps exist. Use the free online readiness assessment tool to find what solution will work best for your district.

  • Q.How will I find funding?

    After downloading and completing the Digital Divide Checklist, you should have a good idea of what solution will work best for your district - the next step is finding funding. Head over to the Funding Resources page to access vital information that can assist in obtaining proper funding - including who to contact, how to file for it, and how to use it.

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